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Plants Grow Fast and Strong!

2X Your Harvest: Houseplants / Indoor or Outdoor Soil / Hydroponics / Aquaponics

Liqui-Dirt Complete Plant Nutrition 

Our Zymology process 

Forty Stages of bio-digestion takes Five + Years

Zymology Process?

The science dealing with fermentation and the action of enzymes; enzymology, with bacteria life cycles and digestion.


A careful balance of Vitamins, Minerals, microbes and helpful bacteria all in one bottle to nourish your plants

Worlds Only Fully Digested Elemental, All Natural
Plant Supplement.
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​​A full Vitamin and Mineral Supplement, with Microbial and Beneficial Bacteria complex.


Complete Micro-fungi, pH Balanced formula to increase growth and nutrition for all plants Indoor Houseplants to Gardens even Lawns.

Yes Flowers, Trees and Shrubs too!

100% Pet Safe, No odors, No Chemicals,

Non-GMO, Naturally Organic.

Proudly Made by hand in the USA.

From Our farm to you.

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Now Available: Liqui-Dirt Monthly.

  • Makes 1 gallon

  • Perfect for a few houseplants and

    small container gardens.

All Purpose Plant Food.

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An 8oz Bottle's application, is enough for Over 45 Gallons

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All Natural Organic Heirloom Seed Kits


Vegtable Kit over 7,000 seeds
32 Varieties, individually packed and labeled


Herb Kit over 12,000 seeds
22 Varieties, individually packed and labeled


Heirloom (Open Pollinated) germination stable

Over 25 year shelf life

Each living work of art, is made by hand with our

life time growing media.

The outside is real live grown moss, and decoratively

finished with our own made natural twine.

Your Living Art hangs from our durable

lifetime string hanger.


  • Includes: Plant ball, one 2” plant, string hanger and our patented self stick ceiling hook.

  • Great for: Homes, Offices, Apartments, Condo, Stores, Reception areas, Schools and Classrooms.

  • Easily hang any where you would like Living Art.

How do I build a Kit? Find the How-To's here.