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Echeveria (Prolifica)-S121.png
Selaginella martensii Frosty Hyland -M80
Dracaena Sanderiana  Braunii Lucky Green
Anthurium Andraeanum (Red)AN900.png
Ferocactus pilosus (Mexican Lime Cactus,
Oxalis triangularis ssp. papilionacea Fa
Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea Recurvata) BU-

Our handcrafted one of a kind String Garden Kits are beautiful.


Each living work of art, is made by hand with special Eco-System life time growing media. (Never replant your art). The outside is real live grown moss, and decoratively finished with our own natural twine. This hangs from our durable lifetime string hanger.


  • Includes: Plant ball, one 2” plant, string hanger and ceiling hook.

  • Great for: Homes, Offices, Apartments, Condo, Stores, Reception areas, Schools and classrooms.

  • Any where you would like Living Art.

Our quick hang system makes watering and hanging a snap. Worried about where to hang your art, don't be, with our very own self-stick hangers, they make holes in your ceiling, a thing of the past.

Easy 1 . 2 . 3 steps

1. Remove your plant and the ball from the shipping tube. Soak your ball in a bowl with 2 quarts of water over night.

2. After soaking drain off the water from your string garden ball. Remove your plant from the pot and place the plant into the pre-created hole.

3. Hang your plant with the included self-stick hanger and enjoy your living work of art.


Your living art will arrive with a plant, 2" or larger (Don't forget to add a bottle of Liqui-Dirt plant food to keep your plant growing strong for years to come).


Step. 1


Step. 2


Step. 3

Your String Garden Plant will be shipped in a rugged package for the safe shipping of your plant. We use USPS to ship all Kits.
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