Liqui-Dirt All Purpose Plant Food. Its all you need for all plants.


Liqui-Dirt is a complete system of nutrition for your plants it is fare more benifical then any fertilizer. We are totally natural and complete, from vitimins to minerials combine with all the benifical eccosystem componets to sustain and benifit your plants, from root to leaf. Liqui-Dirt is all you need for any and all plants. If your plant has leaves and roots Use Liqui-Dirt it is that Simple!


Use this for:

Lecca, Hydroponics,  Houseplants, Tropicals, Foliage, Succulents, Cactus, Flowers, Water Gardens, Terrariums, Biverrariums, Shrubs, Trees, Bonsai, and Lawns.

Grow your best Vegetable or Herb garden EVER.!


{Now with a calibrated dropper It's even easier to use for all plants.}


  • All plants in Soil or Hydroponic even Aquaponic system.
  • Worlds Only Bio-digested fully absorbance nutrition system for all plants.

  • Never goes bad.
  • Cost-effective nutrition for all plants.
  • Restores there beauty and vibrancy.
  • Gives the full vitamin and mineral with bio-complex plants must have to thrive.
  • The Power of 18 ingredients
  • Naturally Organic.
  • Pet-Safe.
  • Can be used with amphibians, frogs, lizards, and all reptiles, even fish and Koi.
  • Earth-Friendly!
  • Use on indoor plants or in landscaping projects.
  • No GMO.
  • No Chemicals.
  • No Pesticides!
  • Don't be fooled by other products... Liqui-Dirt will change your plants and restore them to there natural beauty!

See our Organic ingredients by clicking on... Mobile View... or ...Desktop  "The Power of 18"

Liqui-Dirt All Purpose Plant Food. If the plant has Leaves and Roots? We have you covered.

  • Single month all the way to several years of supply.
  • Very low cost per month.
  • Naturally Organic for all plants, and pet safe.


#1) Trial package: Makes 1 gallon (houseplant to container garden) Great trial size to see the huge results.


#2) 8oz Bottle: Makes over 50 gallons (Enough for 1 to 5 years) (Savings of $412.55 compaired to a trial size)


#3) One Gallon: Equivalent to a wopping 12 of our 8oz bottles (Savings of $87.45)


#4) Five Gallon: Equivalent to a huge 60 of our 8oz bottles     (Savings of $669)