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Aeonium S-100



Aeonium Arboreum (Zwartkop)

It's an evergreen ... If grown in full sun, the foliage of this Aeonium turns almost black red other names include Aeonium, Tree Houseleek, Aeonium tabuliforme, Aeonium smithii,Aeonium arboreum. The “flowers” of black rose. are actually rosettes of burgundy-black leaves at the ends of stalklike stem. Cultivated By Liqui-Dirt LLC, An organic and natural company.

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(SP) $4.95ea - A-Single Plant

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(SGK) $39.99ea - String Garden Kit

A-2” Plant And 1 String Garden Kit... Tab - (SGK)


(SGP) $44.95ea - String Garden Plant

This is a 4” or larger plant grown String Garden Plant... Tab - (SGP)


Liqui-Dirt $34.99ea – Organic Plant Food

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(EL) $2.50ea - Extra extension lead for your SGK or SGP


(CH) $4.95ea - Self Stick no harm ceiling hook. (Holds 20 lbs)

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Photos are to represent this plant your plant may differ as no two plants are the same as they are natural and alive.