Heirloom Seed Packages

Heirloom Seed Packages


Herb Kit

Vegetable Kit

Master Seed Kits SALE $124.99 (REG $149.50)

All Natural - Heirloom Seed Packs Heirloom (Open Pollinated) Germination Stable

  • Our seeds are grown on Our Own Private 5 Acre Farm. Located in Southern Utah.

  • Our farm is 100% green and off the grid. Only wind and solar are used for processing.

  • Our farm uses Liqui-Dirt to promote stronger seeds and faster germination.

  • Our seeds are never kiln dried.

  • We Process all seeds for quality.

  • Our seeds germination rate meets or exceeds federal seed standards.

  • No chemicals, pesticides or weed killers are ever used on our farm. (Chemical Free 0-Harm)

  • Our seeds are NON-GMO, NON-Hybrid

  • Our seeds are zoned for all of USA.


-Herb Seed Pack......................$39.99

-Vegetable Seed Pack.............. $39.99

-Master Gardner Seed Kit ON SALE NOW. $124.99 ... REG $149.50 YOU SAVE $24.51 ADD Free Shiping and that a real deal.


  • Herb & Vegetable Kit, 2 Bottles of LD
  • Will grow 200sft for a whole year
  • 54 total seed packs