Light Decting Safe Range Stick

Light Decting Safe Range Stick


Worlds only Light sensing meter stick capable of telling you if your plant is at the correct lighting for optimal growth and health of your plant.

Lighting is one of the most critical items for the health and life of your plant. this is also the most difficult to gauge by eye.   Until NOW!

Our Own patient pending Lighting sticks can determine what is the best light level for your plant, all without batteries digital readouts or chemicals.


These powerful light-detecting sticks are able to detect the light in the area and through a color-changing system tell you definitively if there is enough light or too much.


Too much or to little light can stunt or even burn your plants leaves stunting and damaging your plant, and can even kill your plant if there is to much light.


Our Light detecting sticks take all the guess work out and make sure your plant is safe and sound.