Liqui-Dirt Trial

Liqui-Dirt Trial

SKU: LD-Trial-050

Liqui-Dirt Trial: enough for 1 gallon of all-purpose plant food. Use this for Houseplants, Flowers, Shrubs, and Lawns. Grow your best container vegetable or herb garden EVER!

  • All plants in Soil or Hydroponic even Aquaponic system.
  • A single packet makes 1 gallon.
  • Cost effective nutrition for all plants.
  • Restores there beauty and vibrancy.
  • Gives the full vitamin and mineral with bio-complex plants must have to thrive.
  • The Power of 18 ingredients
  • Naturally Organic.
  • Pet-Safe.
  • Can be used with amphibians, frogs, lizards and all reptiles, even fish and Koi.
  • Earth-Friendly!
  • Use on indoor plants or in landscaping projects.
  • No GMO.
  • No Chemicals.
  • No Pesticides!
  • FREE shipping. (With promo code LDFREESHIP ).

See our Organic ingredients by clicking on... Mobile View... or ...Desktop  "The Power of 18"

Our Monthly: $8.95 for Houseplants, Flowers, Shrubs, and Lawns.

  • Convenient sized for trial, or a few houseplants.
  • Very low cost per month.
  • Naturally Organic for all plants, and pet safe.
  • Naturally Organic Vegetable crops and Food Grade manufacturing.
  • Feeds a vegetable garden of 100sft for a full growing season.
  • (Makes 1 gallon)